Our esteemed colleagues,,

In recent years, multidisciplinary evaluation has gained considerable importance in the diagnosis and treatment of head and shoulder diseases. Enriching knowledge and developing new treatment approaches, have become an inevitable need to achieve successful treatment outcomes in the anatomical region of the basal head. With the aim of meeting this need, head-quarters associations and different working groups were formed around the World. Our Headbase Association is founded with this thought and continues to work.

Our Association has successfully performed two successful congresses in "Ear Nose Throat" congresses. With the rapidly developing technology, the scope of the work of head-base diseases has also expanded. Parallel to the expansion of the scope, we have decided to organize an independent congress in the direction of the demands of our colleagues from you and different branches.

We will perform the 3rd Congress of the Nasal Foundation in Antalya between 22-25 March 2018. At the congress, where there will be international participation, we plan a program flow that will include education, knowledge, skills, experience transfer as well as discussion sections and paper presentations. Our Congress will also provide a platform for the study of the developments in this area by providing the participation of the companies in the medical industry operating in the field of mind-base treatment. The International Cochlear Implant Society (ICIS) decided to include the first congress as part of our association's 3rd. We believe that this participation will make the congress more powerful and productive.

A value that grows as knowledge is shared and transforms the form into perfection. In this perspective, we all look forward to your very valuable support and participation, and we will be glad to see you among us at the congress.

Our respect,

Prof. Dr. İlhan Elmacı
Head of the Skull Base Foundation

Prof. Dr. Yıldırım Bayazıt
Vice President of the Under Secretary